The GloSAT project held its annual meeting, hosted at the University of York Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, this October. The meeting was held in a hybrid format, with most participants opting to join us in-person. Although the project has been running for 3 years, this was only the second time so many of us have been able to get together in-person and the first time many of us have met.

The meeting was an opportunity to get up to date on each other’s work, assess progress and plan the next steps of the project. In addition to presentations from each work package, we learned about how public sector bodies approach risk assessment for adaptation and GloSAT’s input into a climate mural. There were also presentations from external colleagues at the Danish Meteorological Institute and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

We took a break from the science with an excellent walking tour of York, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all despite the slightly damp conditions.


GloSAT scientist in the rain

The GloSAT project team enjoy a tour of York